Learn Differentâ„¢ (noun)

An old, poorly-conceived, ill-fated attempt to do something pointless, with a fake trademark symbol and an improperly grammared name, which was mired in scandal before ceasing to exist.

When Learn Different existed, its goal was to revolutionize education by establishing a series of loosely-knit cells that denied its existence, each identifying as anything other than a school, and in doing so to free itself from the conventional legal and social barriers that constrain more official modern institutions of higher learning, and stuff.

Each cell existed under a non-educational banner, typically presenting itself as some form of business, support group, or self-help organization for a common illegal activity or vice.

Some cells chose to adopt a stable identity, such as a sex shop, drug den, or a rehabilitation center for some totally-not-okay thing.

Other cells adopted no stable identity, instead operating as businesses with nondescript names, under signs specifying no clear product or service.

In reality, the daily activities of each cell resembled those of a school, primarily focusing on STEM fields, lacking grievance studies, and with content ultimately determined by the members themselves.

The history of the group is particularly difficult to trace because of the tendency of even its most loyal members to deny its existence, and to publicly demonize both the group and themselves by means of constant accusations of all manner of reprehensible scandals, in an effort to make their claims of the group's disintegration appear all the more plausible.

It is not known how many Learn Different cells existed, who the group's original founder was, or when the first cell began.

Nevertheless, it is widely accepted by all experts on the subject that all Learn Different cells have been gone for a fucking long time, the primary reason for its demise being a highly publicized controversy in which the group's founder was found erstwhile to have engaged in a series of lewd and immoral acts including racism, sexism, pedo-fascism, rape, sympathizing with the worst groups of scum on the planet, prostitution, gambling, emotional abuse, wife beating, knife beating, making things up, sexual harassment, sexual harrasment, (and spelling it both ways), deadnaming, headgaming, homicidal dreams, paying both sexes only 70% of what men make for the same work, homophobia, homosexuality, homophilia, veal, tax evasion, undisclosed feels, truancy, grooming, not responding to texts, smoking cigarettes even though it's like really bad for you, developing genuine emotional connections with the too-young and too-old and entirely too much experimentation with the medium, overloaded semantics, sexual soirees with the dead, satanism, vampirism, swinging both ways, heteronormativity, martyrdom, radicalization of an innocent early may and late summer, cultural imperialism, cultural appropriation, cultural revolutions, treating trans-women like objects and cis-women like men, slut shaming, victim blaming, deicide, fur, murder-suicide, contaminating the water supply, using the X word for socially ignorant values of X, gaslighting, time travel, polyamory, rape (again), mixing truths and falsehoods in descriptions of both himself and his loved ones, never loving anyone, infanticide, fratricide, barbicide, libel, neo-colonialism, hegemony, racketeering, free trade, engaging in unprotected anal sex for the purpose of procreation, communism, capitalism, masturbation, greed, and a series of other immoral activities that were sufficient to undermine the group's objectives and drive it once and for all from the planet. Amen.

Meetings at 8:00pm (PST).